Jebao RW-4 Wireless Wavemaker Pump

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The Jebao RW-4 is a wavemaker pump that used by freshwater and saltwater tanks hobbyists. The pump resemble reef and ocean waves, changing their length, speed, and pattern.

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Jebao RW-4 Wireless Wavemaker Pump

The Jebao RW-4 is a wavemaker pump that is used by freshwater and saltwater tanks hobbyists. The pump is designed to imitate reef and ocean waves, shifting through various lengths, speeds, and patterns.

Jebao RW pumps are an upgraded version of the WP series which were designed to imitate different water-current types, such as in the ocean and reef environments, bringing them right to your aquarium. Meet the RW-4 - High performance, powerful, efficient and eco-friendly wavemaker pump!

Adjustable Power Head

The RW-4 power head's rotational structure allows users to direct currents to different parts in the aquarium with ease. A strong magnetic base helps to attach the power head to thick various textures and girth of aquarium walls - suitable for up to 15mm glass / acrylic tank walls.

The improved RW series base reduces vibration sounds that have previously been mentioned by hobbyists using the WP models; sounds might be noticeable when working with W1 & W2 modes (Read controller modes).

Wireless Controller

Jebao RW-4 controller

The Jebao controller allows the user to use the pump in 5 different operational modes, 8 flow rates, and shift between 3 different useful functions. Read more about this Jebao controller below:

Wireless Controller Communication:

The term "Wireless" pump should not be mistaken for wirelessly powering your pump, but rather that these pumps wirelessly communicate with one another.

The main controller, or the "Master Controller” automatically changes modes and activates functions of the secondary controllers also known as “slave controllers” as needed.

The "Master" controller does not affect the "slaves" control flow rates or knob positions. Such adjustments must be manually applied.

Flow Rate Adjustment:

This controller allows changing the flow rate with ease, from 500LPH (130 Gal) up to 4,000LPH (1055 Gal) by clicking the "SPEED/FEED" button.

Modes Introduction:

Various wave patterns are available using this smart controller:

W1: Wave Mode:

Jebao RW-4 Top view

W1 Mode creates a wave motion by turning the power head on and off. The wave length is affected by changing or switching the knob - switching in the clockwise motion would increase the wave length ("Slow" side) while changing in the anti-clockwise motion would decrease the wave length ("Fast" side).

This knob control is also an important component when the W1 mode is operated with 2 or more synchronized controllers (2 or more pumps) and in turn will allow the pumps to operate alternately (while one is activated the other would be deactivated).

W2: Sine Mode:

W2 Mode allows 2 or more pumps to operate at the same time. This mode changes the flow rate from 30%-100%, thus creating "sine" curves. The knob in this mode allows users to adjust the flow speed.

Else: Random Mode:

The Else Mode generates random current & wave patterns by using different available modes. This mode works with one or more pumps, providing random effects without specific regulation of the knobs or controllers.

H: Flow Mode:

H Mode operates with one or more pumps and generates a constant flow. The flow rate can be easily adjusted by clicking the "SPEED/FEED" button.

C: Shift To FLow Mode:

C Mode requires 2 pumps to operate at the same time. This mode shifts the work of each pump and creates a "Cycle": Pump #1 activated - Pump #2 deactivated, Pump #2 activated - Pump #1 deactivated alternately.

The "Cycle" period can be adjusted by using the knob, and the flow rate is adjusted by using the "SPEED/FEED" button.

Jebao RW-4

Controller Functions:

The smart controller allows the use of some really useful functions, as seen below.

Night Function:

The Night function offers the user a night mode which reduces the flow rate to the lowest speed when the room is dark. The light sensor located on the controller (Read manual to activate and deactivate this mode) will determine when this is appropriate or necessary.

Feed Function:

The Feed function allows the user to pause the pump (Both Master & Slaves) for 10 minutes in order to feed the aquarium dwellers (Read manual to activate and deactivate this mode).

Knob Locking Function:

The knob locking function locks the settings of the pump. The wave patterns and shift time(s) are fixed without change (Read manual to activate and deactivate this mode).

How to activate / deactivate the functions?

Long press on the "MODE/NIGHT" / "SPEED/FEED"/ "Wi-Le/LOCK" till the yellow/blue/red indicator light turns on. This will activate the night / feed / knob lock modes (respectively). Long press again until he light turns off to deactivate the mode.

Power Supply:

Jebao RW-4 power supply

The power supply has a large range of voltage input (AC100-240V 50/60Hz), which allows simple installation and powering of the pump anywhere in the world!

  • Model: Jebao RW-4
  • Flow rate: Up to 4000L/H
  • Power consumption: 10W
  • Voltage: 100-240v 50/60Hz
  • Approximate dimensions: 7.5cm Length
  • Parcel dimensions: 16cm x 14.5cm x 9.5cm ( L x W x H )
  • Maximum glass thickness: 15mm
  • Holder: Magnet fixed
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