Jebao RW-8 Wireless Wavemaker Pump

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Jebao RW-8

The Jebao RW series are high performance aquarium pumps that, by contrast, are a substantial improvement to the various WP series. These pumps work best for users that have aquariums that require thespecific stimulation of various wave patterns most commonly found in coral reefs or even the ocean! If you’re looking for an Eco wave maker pump that offers the utmost in power and efficiency, then this is the pump for you!

Adjustable Powerhead

The movement of simulated ocean-like currents are very desirable in many types of salt-water aquariums. This is easily achievable with the unique rotational head of the RW-8 pump.

You can rest assured that the powerhead of this pump can be securely attached to tank walls of aquariums that have been made using either acrylic or glass material. Thickness of the aquarium walls up to 15mm is not a problem, it’s a breeze if anything! The design of the base has been constructed from the strongest of magnetic material, and provides a reduction of vibration which is a new, added feature to the RW series.

Wireless Controller

Jebao RW-8 controller

The type, speed, and flow of currents needed depend a great deal on the size of an aquarium. This is a wireless controller that provides the user with 3 unique functions, 8 speed selections, and 5 operation types to choose from. Additional controller information can be found below:

Wireless Controller Communication:

The sub-controllers are controlled by the main ‘wireless’ controller, which means the operation of the wave makers can be easily synchronized without the worry of having to connect additional cables.

The functions of the Slave or secondary controls (when two or more wave makers are used) can be changed using the Master or Main Controller. Changing the flow rates however, must be done using the sub-controllers.

Flow Rate Adjustment:

Flow rates for tanks ranging from 700LPH (184 Gal) to 8,000LPH (2133 Gal) can be adjusted by selecting the “SPEED/FEED” button.

Modes Introduction:

The smart controller allows the user to select patterns for waves of many types.

W1: Wave Mode:

When wave movement is required, it can be created in the W1 mode by simply switching the powerhead on and off. To reduce the length of the wave - turn the knob to the left, and to lengthen the distance of the wave - turn the knob to the right.

Operating 2 or more pumps alternately can also be done in the W1 mode with the use of the knob. This action activates one pump, while deactivating the other.

W2: Sine Mode:

In this modeusers can adjust the speed of the flow to resemble a sine curve. Flow rates of 2 or more pumps can be utilized and selected within the 30% to 100% range.

Else: Random Mode:

This is the mode to select when no regularity of data is required on one or more pumps. It is necessary to use different modes in order to create patterns of varying currents of waves that are not otherwise systematic.

H: Flow Mode:

This mode should be selected when opting for an adjustable constant flow on the pump of one or more aquariums. Use the “SPEED/FEED” button to adjust the rate of the flow.

C: Shift To Flow Mode:

The simultaneous “Cycle” of work that 2 different pumps perform can be created using the C mode. Meaning – The first pump will begin and the second will stop, the second pump will begin and the first will stop. Select the knob to change the time length of the “Cycle”, and select the “SPEED/FEED” button to change the rate of the flow.

Jebao RW-8

Controller Functions:

Night Function:

The night function is great for aquariums hobbyists that desire a flow that is of a slower rate of speed during the night or when a room is dark, as compared to that which is desired during the day or when a room is bright.

Feed Function:

When it’s feeding time for your aquarium dwellers, the functions of the pump’s Master and Slave controllers can be stopped for 10 minutes when the feed function is selected.

Knob Locking Function:

In order for the settings of the pump to be locked, users should select the knob locking function. In using this function there will be no change to the patterns and shift times of waves.

To activate or deactivate any of the above controller functions, users should carefully read the user manual provided with the pump as each technique might vary per model and device.

Power Supply:

RW-8 Power supply

The range of voltage powering this unit is convenient and economical,allowing operation of the unit when you want, anywhere in the world! The voltage (power) specs are as follows: (AC100-240V 50/60Hz).

  • Model: Jebao RW-8
  • Flow rate: Up to 8000L/H
  • Power consumption: 23W
  • Voltage: 100-240v 50/60Hz
  • Approximate dimensions: 9.5cm Length
  • Parcel dimensions: 25cm * 17cm * 12cm (L*W*H)
  • Maximum glass thickness: 15mm
  • Holder: Magnet fixed
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RW-8 Wavemaker

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Another great value product by Jeabo. The RW-8 is excellent for a small to medium tank.
Delivered within 5 days of ordering, faster than a lot of uk companies.

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Quality product

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Product seems good quality and definitely packs a punch. Creates ample flow in my 4ft L x 1ft D x 2ft H tank at the lowest flow rate. Plenty of settings to ensure you can create the right effect in your tank. Almost in audible and hasn\'t effected my TV volume at all.

Product arrived well packaged. Instructions seemed to require a little interpretation at first glance but actually very easy product to assemble and set up!

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