Jebao RW-15 Wireless Wavemaker Pump

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Jebao RW-15

When the requirements of your aquarium calls for pumps that offer the most in efficiency, power, and high performance, Jebao RW pumps are hands down the only product you’ll ever need!

The RW-15 works great in providing the ideal environment for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Wireless Controller

The aquarium size you have can be used to help determine the speed, type, and pattern of the current flow that will work best with your Jebao pump.

With the Jebao RW-15 controller you will have available 3 different functions, 5 main operational modes, and 8 flow speeds to select from.

Controller Functions:

Functions of this controller that many aquarium owners have found to be especially helpful are as follows:

Jebao RW-15 controller

Feed Function:

When feeding dwellers in your aquarium, this controller features a function that allows the (Master and Slave) pumps to be paused for a short time to complete the feeding task for your critters.

Night Function:

Rates of speed in the flow can be changed to a slower speed when it is night or when the lights in a room are turned off by holding down the “MODE/NIGHT” button until the yellow lights of the indicator come on.

The Night mode can be set to begin automatically, without causing a change during the daytime. When needed, the light sensor featured on the controller can also be very useful.

Knob Locking Function:

The pump settings can easily be locked when the knob locking function on the controller has been selected. This is a function that causes no changes to settings that have been made in shift times or wave patterns in the past.

How to activate / deactivate the functions?

To start or stop any of the above functions please refer to the user manual.

Modes Introduction:

Users can select one of the varied patterns of waves that are featured using the pump Controller.

W1: Wave Mode:

Switching the powerhead to the on and off position in the W1 mode will bring motion to the waves.You can increase the length of aquarium wavesby moving the knob clockwise and shorten the waves by moving the knob counter-clockwise. This knob can also be used to activate the operation of one pump while deactivating the operation of the other.

Jebao RW-15 Power head

W2: Sine Mode:

The operation of two or more pumps at the same time can be achieved in the W2 mode. The “Sine” mode adjusts the flow rate of waves to as low as 30% and as much as 100%, therefore creating a curve in the flow.

Else: Random mode:

When using one or more pumps, no data regularity of the current and wave patternsare provided in the “Random” mode, as all modes that are featured are used.

H: Flow Mode:

When using the “SPEED/FEED” button, a constant flow on one or more pumps in a pond or aquarium can be adjusted in this mode. The same button is also used to adjust the rate (or speed) of the flow.

C: Shift To Flow Mode:

The operation of two or more pumps is needed when using the C mode, where a “Cycle” of shared work is created between the pumps. While one works-the other does not, and then the work is shifted to the first or secondary pump while the other is stopped.

Anadjustment to the flow rate can be made using the “SPEED/FEED” button and an adjustment to the “Cycle” length can be made using the kno feature.

Flow Rate Adjustment:

Select the “SPEED/FEED” button to change the flow rate from1200LPH (317 Gal) to 15,000LPH (3960 Gal).

Adjustable Power Head

All areas of saltwater and freshwater tank aquariums generally require the flow of current movement, and this is why the RW-15 rotational powerhead is such a handy feature. A secure attachment of the powerheadcan be achieved on walls made of glass or acrylic material through placing the heavy duty magnetic powerhead base into place. The strong adjustable powerhead is designed to be attached to aquarium walls that are up to 15mm thick. The RW-15 also produces a lower vibration level than that of the WP series.

Power Supply

RW-15 Power supply

The design of the power supply featured with this pump has a voltage input range of (AC100-240V 50/60Hz). The unit operation of the RW-15 is suitable for any freshwater and saltwater aquariums or ponds placed anywhere the user wishes within reasonable safety guidelines and power protection measures.

  • Model: Jebao RW-15
  • Flow rate: Up to 15000/H
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • Voltage: 100-240v 50/60Hz
  • Approximate dimensions: 11cm Length
  • Parcel dimensions: 25cm x 17cm x 15cm (L*W*H)
  • Maximum glass thickness: 15mm
  • Holder: Magnet fixed
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Great product great company

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Wavemaker packs a punch and has lots of handy settings that even more expensive units don\'t have. Recommend product and company 100%

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Very powerful with lots of adjustable settings. Great wave maker.
Can\'t find this product anywhere else at this price.

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