Shipping Policy

Shipping Basics

1. strives to provide shipping options all throughout the globe! However, each country is subject to discretionary available via shipping and it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to ensure such procedures and ordering practices are properly in place prior to making an order.

2. As the Buyer, you acknowledge and understand that has no realistic way to determine potential VAT and Customs Fees. Therefore, delays based around such regulations or policies based on your country are up to you to determine and gauge prior to placing an order. We accept zero responsibility for delays or confiscation of product(s) due to your country’s custom laws or policies.

3. Our products and our shipping system is based around the most compatible worldwide recognized mail couriers, however in some instances it may be necessary to research and access your own for shipping purposes should you be outside of our available or typical mailing network.

4. It is in your best interest as our customer to thoroughly review our shipping policy(s) before placing an order.

Promotional Shipping Policy

1. From time to time, will offer a “free” shipping service through a promotional deal(s). This however, is completely at our discretion, subject to change at any time for any reason(s).

2. In such instance(s), reserves the right to select the most affordable parcel delivery service. Should you as the customer desire a faster shipping and/or handling time, it becomes your responsibility to pay the difference in cost(s).

3. In the event that a customer decides to return a product in which was received through a promotional shipping deal, the customer must consult directly first with the service team to determine the true-cost of returning the product, including justifying the difference of cost associated with such promotional shipping feature(s). Terms and conditions are subject to change at any given time. Buyer herein acknowledges and agrees that in such event, a partial value of the original cost charged might be attained or otherwise secured to establish retribution for lost product value and/or shipping costs associated with the sale(s).

Parcels & Tracking

1. Any orders of a value of $20 or more will automatically include a package-tracking feature, covered by as a courtesy to the customer.

2. Customer with orders of a value less than $20.00 are given the option to elect receiving the same aforementioned service for an added $2.00 USD. These costs and services are subject to change at any time.

3. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to track and ensure secure, successful shipment receipt of product(s) purchased. takes zero liability for loss or theft of a product due to courier mishandling in any shape or form which includes situations involving neighbors, friends, or loved ones. Such instances reflect the likely necessity of law enforcement intervention and absorbs itself from any involuntary cooperation or involvement with such instance(s).

Shipping to “temporary locations” (i.e., Hotels) will ship products based on the information that our customers provide. In the case of shipping a product(s) to a temporary location, AquaticDeal accepts zero liability for any of the aforementioned forms of loss, theft, negligence, abuse, or otherwise misplacing of product(s).

Delivery Times and Handling

1. Shipping times will vary by location. is not responsible for shipping delays caused by any elements outside of our shipping warehouse and/or systems. It is the responsibility of the buyer to seek out information and updates regarding delays in the event of natural disasters, holidays, etc.

2. Shipping times will vary based on your location, and method or added-costs you voluntary pay to have expedited shipping or lack thereof. Any form of shipping time ‘guarantee’ is strictly between you and your postal courier. Shipping time estimations are available and can be accessed or provided directly via your postal courier-only.

3. makes it an effort to process orders and have products shipped from our warehouse within 24-72 hours (1-3 days) of receiving an order and verified payment.

Customs Delays & VAT payments

At this time we only accept payment via PayPal and Moneybookers. These payment-service systems have their own security measures/policies in place to protect your privacy and payment information. You can pay through these services using your account or directly via credit within their websites and platform.

Thank you for choosing for all of your aquarium equipment needs!

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