Privacy Policy

We here at strongly value your privacy and business! Therefore, we take security measures very seriously in order to protect your private and financial information.

Passive Data Collection

At we observe and occasionally will record information from your visit in the form of Internet 'cookies'. Cookies are used in order to collect information from a user such as an IP Address, time of visit, browsing habits, and user behavior. These cookies and such behavior monitoring features can be disabled anytime directly through your browser should you elect to reject such feature(s). The collected data is used for internal statistical and analysis purposes only. Your data, such as with 'cookies', will never be shared with third parties nor internally, nor will it ever be sold or traded to any external party(s) at any given time for any reason(s).

Personal Data

AquaticDeal will use personal information for shipping and ordering purposes only. Any and all personal information collected for this purpose will be protected through our secure, encrypted network and never shared, traded, or sold with any party(s) for any reason at any given time.

Data Security

Any and all information submitted to is stored on heavily encrypted servers to prevent any third party access, theft, or sharing of the aforementioned data. We here at use what's called a Socket Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol in order to store and protect our customers data online--for such instances as re-ordering or other anonymous statistical collection. However, in terms of personal payment information, this is not something that we can nor do store, as all payments are made through external payment services such as Paypal or Moneybookers. Therefore, any theft or sharing of such data in such an unfortunate instance would be solely reflective of a neglectful security breach in the aforementioned third party financial service providers, not

Legal Disclaimer

Under no circumstances should any of your personal data ever be shared. However, if officially subpoenaed or requested by an accredited law enforcement or government agency, agrees to comply with such international laws and law enforcement agencies. Therefore, any and all such information would be reported in the instance of fraud or theft for example, such as your IP Address, purchasing behavior and history, etc.

Thank you for your time, business, and trust in doing business with!

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